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Early Morning


Wild flowers here beside a stream
Causing me to stop and dream,
Memories of yesterday seen,
Visions of tomorrow dreamed.

What do they say of me today?
These memories reflected here?
What have I done to aid, to grow?
What comfort have I given here?

Oh have I smiled and laughed today?
And have I brightened someone's day?
Did I shed a tear with a friend,
Eased their pain just by being there?

Or have I let my tears sadden
and my fears worry those I love?
Have I been too busy to see
The need others may have of me?

Have I faced my fears and conquered,
Or let them drive me deep inside?
Have I spoken up for others
And against injustices fought?

What do we have when all is done
But what we freely give away?
Will those I love remember me
Or the things I have acquired?

Wild flowers here beside a stream
Causing me to stop and dream
Of hills climbed and little victories
Of a life lived in joy and love.

May some measure of all these things
Fill your life today and always.
And may you always stop and see
Wild flowers here beside a stream.

~~ Daydreamer ~~

Wildflowers © Daydreamer 13 May 2000

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