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I sit in wonder, drenched yet smiling,
Laughter bubbling up inside
After a sudden thunder shower
Caught me walking far outside.

I hear the brook now rushing loudly
As the runoff fills its banks.
Grass beaten down by rain arises,
Stretching up as if in thanks.

While flower buds begin to open,
Warmed by the sunshine peeping through
Rapidly shredding clouds of dull gray
As the sky turns cobalt blue.

And all around me forest denizens
Stir and shake away the rain
From fur and feathers soaked and chilly
Life resuming once again.

As if there hadn't been a shower
To disrupt their daily lives.
Nor any worry for tomorrow,
What the future might devise.

For a brief moment then I envy
Them their lack of conscious thought,
Stoic acceptance of the present,
No regrets or worried thoughts.

Yet when I think of all they're missing
To be free of mankind's ills,
I'll gladly take my share of sorrow
To be gifted with free will.

Endure regrets and fears and doubting
To nurture dreams, and hopes, and love;
And strive with hatred, lust, and envy
To bring peace and joy and love.

Anticipation, joy, and wonder,
Friendship, thankfulness are free.
Imagination, caring, kindness
May these become our legacy.

~~~ Daydreamer ~~~

Thundershower © Daydreamer 25 Jul 2002

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