The Bluff

Jul-30-2001 Grabbing a flashlight just in case I set off down the well worn path to the swimming hole. I pause at the shallows to let Mutt work off a little excess energy chasing frogs, then call him to heel. There on the other side of the creek is a new trail, so faint I almost didn't see it this afternoon. Barely wide and high enough for me to pass, it snakes it's way through the deep woods and up the hill. At the top I pause and tie an orange streamer to a tree so I can find the trail later when it is full dark. Then turn and catch my breath, the sight as startling now as it was this afternoon. I stand at the top of a bluff. Perhaps a hundred feet below me the river that borders the cabin's land flows silent and deep. Across the river, fields of corn and orchards dot the bottomland and climb halfway up the next hill. To my right, the trail follows the bluff for a short distance before beginning a zig zag descent to the river. Half way down is my goal. A ledge that leads to the enterance of a cave...... I settle down to wait, absorbing the silence and watching the sunset paint the sky in brilliant shades of orange and gold.

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