Cabin in the Woods Stories

A collection of tales from a diary found in a little cabin deep in the woods.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world there is cabin deep within the woods. Its only connection with the outside world is a one-lane gravel road. The only hint to anyone venturing down this road that anything waits at the end is an occasional sign barely visible in the overgrowth that encroaches on the road proclaiming buried electric and phone lines. It is a place for thinking and dreaming, for exploring the world around and in us. Connected to the modern world, yet insulated from it by miles of ancient woods, it is a place to regain a little of childhoods wonder at the richness of life. Nature still reigns supreme; and the ancient laws still prevail. These stories unfold randomly, sometimes days or weeks intruding between chapters. Some are short. Some may never end.

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  A Walk   |   Kitty Cat   |   The Bluff   |   The Pond   |   911
  The Grove   |   The Pendant   |   Place of Remembering   |   The Foundation   |   The Void   |   Spirit Forest
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