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Wrapped up in a cloak of darkness
While I sit staring deep within
At a world so full of bleakness,
How can this happen yet again?

How much can be taken from me
Before I loose the will to live?
How much darker can my world be
Before I can no longer give?

Still upon the eastern reaches
Of what my reddened eyes can see,
A line of fire grows and breeches
The wall of starkness trapping me.

Life awakens as days dawning
Brings light to all that surrounds me;
And the growing light of morning
Shows to me possibilities.

Nothing lives except in contrast.
Life either grows or else it dies.
To be first someone must be last.
To discern truth we must hear lies.

Every action brings reaction,
Our every act a consequence.
Be it anger or affection
We are the root of the response.

Silence is displaced by noises.
We stand and fight or else take flight.
All our life we make our choices
To reach for darkness or for light.

We can choose to live in sorrow,
Smother our bright abilities,
Or embrace a new tomorrow
By seeking possibilities.

Love is given always knowing
Life can be short or maybe long.
Every end is a beginning.
Sorrow or joy can be our song.

Let us honor those we’re missing,
Though death or distance be the cause,
With a tribute to their living,
Whether they walked on feet or paws.

Emulate their zest for living
Though saddened by realities;
And in living begin healing,
Start to see possibilities.

~~~~ Daydreamer ~~~~

Possibilities © Daydreamer 27 Feb 2007
It is heart wrenching to loose a beloved companion; and harder yet to continue to see possibilities. Yet when I close my eyes and see the light going out of those beautiful grey eyes, I know in my deepest heart and soul that he still saw possibilities for me as he lay dying in my arms. I can do no less for myself and be true to his love for me. This is my tribute to my beloved Socks, your brother and I miss you deeply. You never gave up loving or trying and so neither can I.

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