Come sit by my pond for a little while. Watch the fish gliding slowly through the water. Listen to the splashing of the fountain. Now, close your eyes. Can you feel the peacefulness begin to wash the stress away? For many a pond and the sound of splashing water is a signal to relax and unwind, to leave behind their cares and worries if only for a little while. This is my place to take shelter from the hectic pace of modern day living.

June 1998
My pond June 1998

September 1999
My pond Sep 1999

August 1999.     The Koi always know when someone is around and come looking for food.
Koi and goldfish Aug 1999

September 1999.     The Koi are very tame and will eat out of your hand, or try to if you don't have
any food. Kids are endlessly fascinated by them. So far no kids have fallen in, only puppies.
September 1999

March 2000. Without any vegetation you can see all the fish.
September 1999

March 2000. During a sudden spring snowfall.
In the snow 2000

June 2001. Early morning.
Early Moring 2001

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Original photographs by Daydreamer.