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My Friend

Four paws instead of hands and feet
How did you make life so complete?
Warm eyes that looked into my own
With love that said "You're not alone."
Never a doubt of what's to be
No matter how I doubted me.

Always glad to be together
Be it fine or stormy weather.
Always ready to help or play
No matter what the time or day.
A constant, never-changing friend,
Never a thought that it might end.

It seems like only yesterday
You closed your eyes and slipped away.
Four paws upon a rainbow bridge
While I sat helpless at the verge;
And softly said, "I'll be okay
Until we meet again someday."

Please God; take care of my good friend.
Let this be more than just the end.
There must somewhere a heaven be
For one who gave so much to me
While asking only for some love
To make life here heaven above.


My Friend © Daydreamer 26 Jun 2004

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