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Early Morning


Night time sounds go quickly silent
As their authors sense the dawn.
They pass by like silent phanthoms
Coyote, owl, a doe and fawn.

Seeking thickets, trees, or warm den,
Cozy place to pass the day.

One by one the day birds waken
Warbling notes both sweet and clear,
Waking those who lie still dreaming
To the new day dawning here.

While transfixed by natures glory,
We stand silent, awed, and humble.

There. The morning light is breaking
Through the trees beside the streams,
Piercing down to warm the earth in
Fans of glorious, golden beams.

As we're filled with joy and wonder
At the richness of this world.

Creatures large and small surround us
Life of every type abounds.
Forests, fields, and streams that nurture
Harbor us as well as them.

If we'll only take a moment
To acknowledge we are kin.

Get to know the ways of nature,
See how closely we are bound,
How we miss her many faces,
When closed up inside our towns.

Learn we cannot take one small step
That does not affect her too.

~~~ Daydreamer ~~~

Morning © Daydreamer 11 Dec 2000

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