A world without love would be a cold and lonely place.



by Betty Fraser

There is a place within my soul
That holds your wonderous eyes.
There is an island in my heart
On which your warm smile lies.
Your soft voice is an angel choir
Recorded in my mind.
Your strength, the golden woven threads
With which my dreams are lined.
The sum of me is all of you.
I am not one apart.
You are the bulwark of my soul
And the substance of my heart!



by Thomas S. Jones, Jr.

Tonight eternity alone is near:
The sea, the sunset, and the darkening blue:
Within their shelter is no space for fear,
Only the wonder such things are true.

The thought of you is like the dusk at sea...
Space and wide freedom and old shores left far...
The shelter of a lone immensity
Sealed by the sunset and the evening star.


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