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Early Morning

I Have Held the Hand of God

My heart was sad as it could be,
And I wanted only to be alone,
Alone in the mountains wild and free
To shed my tears to man unknown.

And as I wandered in the hills,
I chanced to see a sunset fine,
With such fiery splendor that it filled
A heart as saddened as was mine.

I watched the glorious sunset,
And my heart was filled with awe.
The mountains in the distance,
Their beauty I clearly saw.

There in the silent mountains,
Where nature reigns supreme,
And the beauty of God's creation,
And its glories are ever seen,

So suddenly I felt a hand,
So soft and warm and fine.
I felt it slip within my hand,
And its warmth flow into mine.

The hand was God's of that I was sure,
And now I know it's true.
And in the mountains ever pure,
I left my sorrow, my cares, and you.

Your dear sweet memory I'll retain,
But not the sorrow, nor the pain,
For I have held the hand of God
And felt His comfort soothe my pain.

~~~ Daydreamer ~~~

I Have Held the Hand of God © Daydreamer 23 Jul 2006

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