About Me

If you're here, you've found one of my hidden pages.    My web site doesn't say very much about me except by inference.    I'm married with 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren.    I recently took an early retirement from my job at a large corporation to persue a dual second career in web page design and computer repair and building.    There are some pictures of me that were taken on Feb 14, 1999, and pictures of our country home to be, Chigger Hill, on other hidden pages.

I am a morning person; and the best part of the day to me is sunrise.    I love to sit on my patio, listening to the fountain in my pond, and watch the sun rise and the world come alive to a new day.     I like to think about and discuss just about anything relating to humanity or nature.   

I love to laugh; and I absolutely refuse to grow up!

As the name I chose as my web name indicates, I am a daydreamer.    I prefer a world of peace and tolerance, where people celebrate their diversity instead of bemoaning it or even worse fighting about it.    Of course that world does not exist; but I try to make my little corner of the real world as much like that as possible.    And you know what?    Most people respond in kind!   But don't think I'm a pacifist.    Like the Scorpio whose sign I was born under, I can sting if those I love are threatened or harmed.

I have found that you can only get as much as you can dream, so I dream big.    I want it all; but never at the expense of others.

I love to work with my hands and create things that I, and hopefully others, enjoy looking at.    My great delight is to touch the heart of someone else with something I have created.    I enjoy web page design, building computers, landscaping and working in my garden, photography, crafts of all sorts, and interacting with people.    I write some poetry.

My favorites among the animals and birds that inhabit this world with us are cats, dogs, wolves, cougars, horses, eagles, and owls.

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This page created on 02 Jan 2000.

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