Chigger Hill

For anybody who's heard me talk about Chigger Hill and are curious about it.
Here's a few pictures of our country home to be, Chigger Hill.

  Spring 1998. The little A frame cabin we built when we first bought the place.
  Spring 1998. Starting to get some work done. The little island of green in the bulldozed ground is
surrounding a tree that grew from an acorn off of my favorite tree in our city home.
  Fall 1999. Looking down the road that goes into the valley in the early morning.
  Fall 1999. Looking across the little valley.
  Spring 2000. Looking out of the door of our new cabin inside the garage/workshop building.
  Spring 2000. Looking across the creek into the valley. Not a big creek at any time, it's almost dry
due to the dry summer and winter we just had. Without the spring there wouldn't be any water at all.
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This page updated on 01 Jul 2000.