Chigger Hill Spring 1998


Taken 23 Apr 1998. Before any work was started.

  Looking toward the enterance to Chigger Hill.
  The little A Frame cabin we built when we first bought the place.
  Looking toward the foundation we finally decided was a good place for a garage and workshop.
  A closer look at the foundation that was on the place when we bought it.
At 40' by 50' feet with two sides underground definitely not where I want a house.
  The first of our new toys to keep the grass cut and do odd jobs.
  Since he got a new toy I had to have one too.

Taken 23 May 1998. After the road was cut and they started on the garage.

  The bulldozer has been here to do some clearing.
  The little island of green is around the tree I planted from an acorn off of the big oak tree at home.
I couldn't move that tree here; but I've got a son of it anyway.
  The road down to the garage.
  They've cut the south end out of the foundation, started cutting the door at the other end,
and are ready to pour the floor.
  And we've got a couple of humungous brush piles to burn.
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