The Road to Chigger Hill

From an Interstate highway, to a couple of two lane US Highways starting about half way there, to a county road without shoulders, to a gravel road, to the private road that ends at the enterance to Chigger Hill, the roads keep getting narrower and less traveled; and the last few miles starting at the county road that I took pictures of is the prettiest. These pictures were taken 4/28/01 on a morning that couldn't make up it's mind if it was going to be cloudy or sunny, if it was going to rain on me or not.

  Just outside the little town where we turn off onto the paved county road.
  I couldn't resist throwing this one in. It's off to the left just before you turn left onto the private road.
  The end of the road. The two short telephone poles mark either side of our driveway.
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This page created on 12 May 2001.