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I am alone, yet not alone,
As I sit beside the stream.
Near and far I hear the sounds
Of the forest as I dream.

Soft breezes sighing through the trees,
Water rushing over rocks,
A songbird's lilting melody,
Blend in simple harmony.

The world around me teems with life.
Some I see, more I do not.
Hunter and hunted, large and small,
Going about their daily lives.

Locked in a rhythm old as time.
Friend and foe alike required
To be the best that each can be,
Needed by and needing all.

Teaching me lessons slowly learned
As I strive to make some sense.
How every action has its price,
Payment due or some reward.

How sweet is life, how dear are friends,
Life goes on against all odds.
How even here I'm not alone,
In the forest as I dream.

~~~ Daydreamer~~~

Alone © Daydreamer 08 Sep 2003

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